26 December 2005

16 November 2005

Sablière - Gabon (12/11/05)
tree in the middle of the water

15 November 2005

Gabon (12/11/05)

14 November 2005

Gabon (12/11/05)
try to guess what is this building....
it is the ministry of environment (it is an abreviation cos it has a very long name)

08 November 2005


Believe it or not, the elections are on the 27th of november. the current president is running again, after being 38 years in power.
no comment except !!!!

04 November 2005

Libreville - Gabon (29/10/05)

01 October 2005


it could be a while till a post photos cos the hard disk is dead and everything on it is lost. i'll try to recover my photos but not all are saved...

25 September 2005

Vatican Museum (29/08/05) Posted by Picasa

Vatican Museum (29/08/05) Assyrian (Iraq) Posted by Picasa

Vatican Museum (29/08/05) Posted by Picasa

20 September 2005

Cairo - Nile (14/09/05) Posted by Picasa

16 September 2005

Firenze (Florance) (25-08-05)
it's a fountain on a very old bridge (more than 100 years). this bridge is different, it has shops on both sides, as if u r walking in a normal street. when we saw those locks, we thought it's very strange, we didn't know why so we asked and a guy told us that this is for "eternal love". the 2 people who r in love put locks together. isn't it strangel? Posted by Picasa

Marienfield - Cologne (21/08/05)
flower in the middle of nowhere. it was a beautiful place and i had a great moment. Posted by Picasa

Marienfield - Cologne (20/08/05)
during the night's prayer. Posted by Picasa

12 September 2005

Metro station in Rome (26/08/05)
no need to comment Posted by Picasa

Market at Castello Gandolfo (28/08/05)
sausice Posted by Picasa

Market at Castello Gandolfo (28/08/05)
these are real mashrooms, growing naturally in the forest. their taste is different than the mashroom we usually eat, they are more delicious!! Posted by Picasa

Piazza Navona (30/08/05)
this place was full of artists, musicians, sellers.. this guy was making with metal, a photo holder with the name or any writings. Posted by Picasa

09 September 2005

Vatican Museum (29/08/05).
one of the statues that touched me. it is not that famous as Michael Angelo's, but i like it. Posted by Picasa

Vatican Museum (29/8/05).
This is Anubis, the egyptian god, but influenced by the Romans, dressed like a Roman. Posted by Picasa

Vatican Museum (29/08/05).
all over the place, the walls, the ceilings are really beautiful and great paintings, especially the famous Sistine Chapel but unfortunatly, forbidden to take photos inside it. Posted by Picasa

03 September 2005

beside the Dom (cathedral in Cologne) this is for pigeons to drink from, also for dogs... etc Posted by Picasa

Cologne - RheinEnergie Stadion this flower was really beautiful and unique. i don't know its name but the petals are very soft like velvet (7arir) Posted by Picasa

02 September 2005

Bonn - Rhein Posted by Picasa

Koln - bridge on the Rhein (12/08/05) Posted by Picasa

10 August 2005

i'll post pictures when i come back, in september
so till then, have a good time.

08 August 2005

Abou za3bal (3) (03/03/05) Posted by Picasa

03 August 2005

El-Azhar Parc - at entrance (3) (02/08/05) Posted by Picasa

31 July 2005

El-Azhar Parc (2) (08/05/05) Posted by Picasa

29 July 2005

Together against terrorism (4) (28/07/05) Posted by Picasa